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Todo Modo

Todo Modo

giovedì 30 agosto 2012

DOORS Screening at 33rd ICFF

Doors  will be screened Sunday the 16th of September 2012 at 3pm in the small hall of Bitola Cultural Center. I'll be attending with cast and crew, so whoever is going to be there is welcome to say hello. 
No excuse to miss the show: IT'S SUNDAY!

venerdì 3 agosto 2012

DOORS screening at the 33rd ICFF

We are both proud and honored to announce that DOORS will be screened at the 33rd ICFF, International Cinematographers Film Festival Manaki Brothers. It's a great joy since the movie is going back home, in the very same town has been shot. So Macedonian friends and all the ones going to attend the festival, see  you there between 15 and 21 of September 2012. Date and time of the screening to be announced as soon as possible.