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Todo Modo

Todo Modo

mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Alien 2 on earth - Alien 2 sulla terra on Blu Disc

This is a spectacular edition of a minor Italian SF exploitation; not even available in its own native country on dvd; so kudos to the guys who were able to rescue it from the obscure vault in which it was kept 'till now. 
Just throw away bootlegs or unlicit european imports and make room for this one.
I remember I saw it in a packed third grade movie house back in the day. It was a sunny sunday at the first show and everybody was laughing and screaming hard, specially gypsies (the movie house was close to a nearby camp). Everybody fell for the Alien sequel, I knew it was a fake made here in Italy and I went just for the fun of the show. They don't do silly like these anymore, now they pretend to be art. I just caught a glimpse of the BD in my 2K movie theater and it looked very good. I don't remember the movie looking this good even at the mentioned show. It was indeed released in third grade theaters, but the flick did ok at the BO. Those were the times in which Italians  were pretty good at ripping off overseas hits, two locations and  the support of the local butcher were more than enough to deliver a marketable horror product. It's still amazing  nowadays, how they managed to get the title Alien 2 and avoid being sued by Fox.
Great job from Midnight Legacy hope they're gonna do more.
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