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Todo Modo

Todo Modo

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Dante Spinotti receive prestigious lifetime achievement award at 32nd Manaki Brothers Cinematographers Film Festival

Dante Spinotti (left) receiving the prize from the President of Republic of Makedonia
Last Saturday, master cinematographer Dante Spinotti, whose credits include such high profile films like Heat, Last of the Mohicans, LA Confidential, just to name few, has been awarded with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award Golden CAMERA 300 at the 32nd Manaki Brothers Cinematographers Film Festival, a unique event in film circles dedicated to cinematography. The event is still running in the city of Bitola, Makedonia. Spinotti gave a couple of days ago a Master Class showing scenes frome his movies and telling how he achieved to light them. The Master Class was so successful that a second part has been scheduled for next Friday. I filmed the whole class and plan to post it soon in two parts. 
(photo courtesy of official festival photographer Aleksandar Grozdanovski)

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