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Todo Modo

Todo Modo

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

More on the Manaki Brothers Cinematographers film festival

Milton Manaki statue in the park in front of the Bitola Cultural Center where the festival is held

The Manaki Brothers Cinematographers Film Festival takes place in the city of Bitola, Republic of Makedonia. The event is held every year and has wellcome during its long run the most famous cinematographers including Vittorio Storaro, Freddie Francis, Sven Nykvist, Tonino Delli Colli and more.
The festival is named after the great Milton Manaki who, with his brother Yanaki, took the first images in the Balkan region with their cameras from 1905. They opened the first cinema in Bitola and worked as photographers as well. Their works are considered a national treasure and their names were the natural choice for a Festival dedicated to cinematography. The selection is made combining the most awarded movies of the year of some that present an innovative or unique style from a photographic point of view. The selection goes towards the arthouse work more than commercial fare, and this year competition list is the following
Festival Director
Labina Mitevska

Main Competition  - 12 films
Awards: Golden, Silver and Bronze Camera 300
Selector: Blagoja Kunovski  - film critic

Short film program: 12 films

Awards: Small Golden Camera 300
Selector: Christian Guinot – Cremont Ferrand Short Film Festival

Documentary Program: 5 films

Non competitive
Selector: Gena Teodosievska - journalist

New visions: 5 films

Non competitive
Selector: Suncica Unevska – film crtic/journalis

New Visions Program

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