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Todo Modo

Todo Modo

lunedì 13 febbraio 2012

DOORS pre-production #2

Beautiful Macedonian actress Viktorija Stepanovska to star in DOORS.

This young, major talent is regarded as one of the best theater actress in the whole Balkan region. 
She has been awarded:

Best young talent - MTF Vojdan Cernodrinski Prilep 
(Won) 2007 - The fourth sister (J.Glowacki) role Tanja

Best supporting actress - MTF Vojdan Cernodrinski Prilep (Won) 2008 - Dalaj Mama (Lj. Gjorgievski) role Keti

Best student ( Faculty of dramatic arts - Skopje ) (Won) 2008

Best  actress ( ''Dnevnik" Magazine) 
(Nominated) 2010 - Antica (R.Krle) role Antica

Best young actress - Glumbal Festival, Nis, Serbia 
(Won) 2011 - Hamlet (W. Shakespeare) role Ophelia 

The latter production was critically acclaimed in UK during a tour in the city of Colchester.

She will make her screen debut with the upcoming Kinoglazorama International production DOORS.

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