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Todo Modo

Todo Modo

lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

DOORS pre-production # 5

Macedonian actress Maja Andonovska join Kinoglazorama International production DOORS in a supporting role.

This beautiful actress is a regular at the National Bitola Theatre that she joined after graduation at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje in 2006. Since then she has appeared in 22 theater plays including classics like Much Ado About Nothing, musical like Fiddler On The Roof, or contemporary Macedonian sensation This Is Not An American Movie. She had small roles in 2 movies Bal-Can-Can (2005) and Karaula (2006) both local hits. She also apperead in the Turkish series Evleda Rumeli.
In December 2007 she played Mrs.Julie in Brodway off- Ensemble Studio Theater in New York during Macedonian days in NY.

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