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Todo Modo

Todo Modo

giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

DOORS pre-production #3

Electronic musician Herzel to score Kinoglazorama International production DOORS.

Herzel is a multitalented artist basically trained in photography and visual arts. His music knowledge and experience is mainly formed by passion for music and sound itself, but also from many years of DJing. As an artist his work is based on the sound arrangements for different bodies of visual works, part of the photo, video and sound installations. Nowadays Herzel’s concept of music production is to blend a variety of different genres in electronic music into his own tracks. It's a kind of "bedroom music for the dancefloor". The EP trilogy "Maps and Thoughts" was released by the macedonian, Filter label in 2011 and it's a lo-fi/homemade "Dubstep with electronic approach with a very introvert locked sound" (Bleed/De:Bug). Brown paper bag, a track from the second EP, was recommended as the track of the month by juno's leftfield chart in july this year. A pack of remixes on this track will follow during next 2012. He has a free release on Greenfileds (net label from Macedonia), an EP that has a distinctive and warm analog sound. Herzel's music can be found in a different various artists compilations of labels such as Greenfileds, Filter, Riot Riot Technique. His first 12" vinyl release in collaboration with Genoveva (singer/producer) is forthcoming on Other Heights (Belgium) and it is more house oriented. Herzel is just getting started, but one thing is certain, he is steadily building his own signature sound.

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